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Telling the story of river transportation, barges and towboats, locks and dams…

It’s not something most people think about.

We get it.

But social media provides an outlet to get our messages out to the public – and to elected officials.  Copy/paste any of the messages below to tell your story on social media – and include @WaterwaysCouncl so we can share on our feeds too.  Feel free to create your own, too.  Help spread the word that #RiversMoveAmerica!

The @mississippivalleydivision @usacenola Inner Harbor Navigation Canal’s gates need sandbags to keep flooding out! 1st world country/3rd world solutions. What is wrong with this picture.

America’s agriculture advantage comes from our inland river transportation system – barges and towboats moving America’s harvest and vital inputs that farmers need to keep competitive in a global market. Our 80-year-old lock and dam infrastructure needs to be fixed because #RiversMoveAmerica

Rebuilding our lock and dam infrastructure would have huge benefits – increasing our GDP by 39%, huge job creation – let’s get to work because #RiversMoveAmerica! More info? Text LOCKS to 313131

America’s advantage in agriculture trade relies on our waterways says @USDA. Lowest-cost shipping is also safest, most efficient and lowest carbon footprint – but relying on 80-year old lock and dam infrastructure. Tell Congress to act! Text LOCKS to 313131

Amazing that we’re moving almost half a billion tons of commodities each year on our rivers and relying on antiquated lock and dam infrastructure. Rebuild our locks and dams because #RiversMoveAmerica! Get involved – text LOCKS to 313131

A clear choice because #RiversMoveAmerica! Text LOCKS to 313131 to tell Congress to fund lock and dam infrastructure and keep barges moving.

Inland marine transportation workers keep the products we use every day moving, 24/7/365, even amid COVID-19. Thank you!! Want to help? Text LOCKS to 313131 and tell Congress #RiversMoveAmerica

$8B of construction jobs waiting to be created if Congress funds it. Lock rehabs and construction will save U.S. $7-9B in shipping costs AND increase GDP by 39%! More info? Text LOCKS to 313131

Like clean air? Then tell Congress to support lock and dam funding! @EPA says transportation = more than 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S…..Towboats on our inland waterways generate 30% less than rail, 1,000% less than trucks! Want more info? Text LOCKS to 313131

Inland Waterway shipping saves $7B-$9B over other modes! Let’s update the lock and dam infrastructure that keeps America’s inland waterways working.

Barges move hundreds of millions of tons each year – safely, at lower-cost, and with the smallest carbon footprint. Contact Congress and tell them to fund lock and dam infrastructure! Text LOCKS to 313131

Want to reduce @USDOT greenhouse gas emissions? Move it by barge! Towboats move commodities we all rely on through @DOTMARAD inland waterways. Not just on #EarthDay but EVERY day, 24/7/365.  Lowest carbon footprint, safest, lowest-cost, but our lock and dam infrastructure needs updating.  More info? Text LOCKS to 313131

Working with @WaterwaysCouncl to improve America’s river transportation infrastructure because #RiversMoveAmerica #IAmWaterwaysCouncil

Did you flip that wall switch this morning and expect the lights to go on? Then you’re impacted by barge transportation! #RiversMoveAmerica including our energy resources to keep the lights on. More info? Text LOCKS to 313131

Our waterways and locks and dams move not only barges but recreational boats – 250M visitors through locks in one year, supporting 189k jobs nationwide! Tell Congress: fund lock maintenance because #RiversMoveAmerica Text LOCKS to 313131

One tow of 15 barges or 1.050 additional trucks on our roads? Simple choice! Tell Congress to fund waterway lock and dam infrastructure – text LOCKS to 313131

Barges move America’s agriculture bounty 24/7/365 across the country through our inland waterway system – and an antiquated lock and dam infrastructure. Get involved – text LOCKS to 313131

Great @PJStar article on COVID-19 and crews.  Thank you to the deckhands, pilots, captains, cooks, engineers and everyone on the boats and in the offices who keep towboats moving America’s products 24/7/365 even amid COVID-19.  #RiversMoveAmerica

Have you seen this @ABC7Chicago episode of “Built to Last” by @CRCCarpenters? Locks and dams keep products moving safely on our rivers. Let’s build the future of river infrastructure because #RiversMoveAmerica and put people to work!

Thank you @UnitedSoy for these great videos highlighting the importance of river transportation and lock and dam infrastructure!