Contact Your House Representative — Water Legislation Being Drafted!

The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is drafting a Water Resources Development Act – “WRDA”. The House version of WRDA needs to include a provision for lock construction that’s in the Senate WRDA bill. Tell your Rep to reach out to the T&I Committee and request Sec. 103 in the Senate bill to be included in the House WRDA.

Sec. 103 will create more jobs, expedite completion of lock construction, and ensure we can continue to improve our Nation’s lock and dam infrastructure.

Please send this pre-written email (you can also edit it), and you’ll then have an option to share on social media, call your Rep, or send a video to your Rep!  All from your smartphone or computer. We’ve made it a simple process and we’ve provided scripts for all options, but feel free to personalize your request. Remember – Sec. 103 from the Senate WRDA needs to be included in the base text of the House WRDA legislation.

Thank you for your advocacy and being a voice for river transportation!